Access Control Time Attendance

imgThe Employee Time and Attendance System (ETAS) is a low-cost, customizable time-tracking solution. The system features keypad, LCD display, and your selection of magstripe, barcode, proximity, or biometric reader.  With onboard, battery-backed local database, the terminal supports up to 250 employees. 

The system also includes features for optional access control.  Useful for controlling access to a door or gate, the ETAS terminal provides a programmable signal output which activates with each validated card-swipe and/or PIN-entry.  (Door control hardware and electronics are not included and must be provided separately.)

ETAS may also be used in dual reader applications.  Dual card-readers allow the use of separate card-reader devices for entry and exit.

ETAS features a number of card-reader options including barcode , proximity, and magstripe.  Modes include card-and-pin or card-only.  If desired, card-readers may be excluded, allowing the system to be used in keypad-access mode - the most economical solution. 

ETAS is firmware-upgradable, allowing remote field-upgrades via Ethernet.  The process is initiated at the host PC and is completely automatic, requiring no manual intervention at the terminals themselves.  There is even built-in fail-safe recovery should a temporary power failure or communication loss occurs during an upgrade.  If such an event occurs, the terminals retain upgrade capability in non-volatile memory, allowing you to re-start the upgrade later, once the interruption has been resolved.

ETAS use an Ethernet TCP/IP interface for communication with a host computer (PC).Using your Windows software, the host computer may perform actions such as adding employees, configuring terminals, monitoring card access, viewing hours, etc.

Optional access control is available for controlling access to doors and/or gates.  The system is customizable to suit your needs.


  • Time and attendance system plus host software
  • Compatible with dual-reader applications
  • Optional door/gate access control
  • Completely customizable
  • onboard, battery-backed employee database
  • Windows application host software available
  • CSV output files - compatible with database & spreadsheet applications
  • Nominal firmware licensing
  • Card-reader options:  magstripe, proximity, barcode, keypad-only
  • Selectable access mode:  card-and-pin, card-only
  • Onboard database supports up to 250 employees
  • Communications options:  Ethernet, RS-485, RS-232
  • Firmware upgrade capability (plus fail-safe recovery)
  • Designed with OEMs in mind