Network Assessment, Audits & Health Check

Modern IT Networks are a very complex blend of different technologies, and when things go wrong it can be extremely difficult and time-consuming to determine the cause. A network audit is a complete examination of the processes involved in the running of an organization's IT system. The aim is to find out where improvements can be made and to ensure the organization is getting full value for its IT expenditure. A network health-check is a shortened, 1 day version of the network audit report.

Information gathering techniques and expert analysis provide the data and insights needed to make critical network design and architecture decisions, optimization recommendations, network acceptance specifications and implementation guidelines.

The Network Assessment delivers a technical assessment of your data network, validating the architecture, software applications, and dependencies between integrated products. The outcome of this assessment is a set of technical recommendations to improve supportability and availability of the network environment along with recommendations for other technologies to increase business availability.

Saudi Fanks experts review your IT infrastructure to map a precise picture of your network topology, protocols, bandwidth, security, application installations, and network operations. We conduct intensive information gathering, which includes sampling usage patterns and evaluating system configurations and performance. Our technical consultant will spend time auditing and analyzing your existing IT infrastructure. They will then produce a comprehensive and jargon-free written report.

This report will enable you to prioritize your future investment on IT and support in the short, medium and long term. With this in mind, it's easy to see why so many customers have found the network audit report to be an invaluable tool when planning their IT strategy. Using this information, we recommend ways to enhance and optimize the network to support your network and information components that are most critical to your business.

Saudi Fanks will provide services for the following customer needs:
  • Desktop and End-User Advisory Services
  • Proactive System/Desktop Monitoring and Intelligent Patch Management
  • Desktop and End-User Implementation and Migration
  • Desktop and End-user Support
  • Desktop and End-User Management Services
  • Desktop and End-User Application and Collaboration