Installation & Cabling

Any investment in high-cost and fully integrated computer systems can be a frustrating waste of money if your underlying cabling infrastructure has not been designed and installed to the correct standard. The rapidly developing functionality of IT solutions is providing increased power at the desktop; consequently this requires an increase in bandwidth and a reduction in tolerance of network faults. Any breakdown in this infrastructure can result in major delays, costs and frustration to both staff and more importantly your customers.

New technology is providing an increasing number of options for designing and connecting networks, copper, fiber, wireless and laser are now commonplace, but how do you know which is the best solution for your particular needs?

Our services:

Concise IT are specialists in providing structured cabling network and connectivity solutions to meet the needs of your organization, our highly experienced team offer a complete service from design through to implementation, including:

  • Requirements analysis & system specification
  • Systems analysis and design
  • Cat 5E & Cat 6 structured cabling
  • Integrated voice and data cabling
  • Extensive experience of the specific networking needs of business
  • Fiber optic cabling installation & termination
  • Testing of existing installations with relocations and changes

All cabling work is complete with site documentation, labeling of all patch panels and outlets, 'fluke' performance testing of the complete installation to (TIA-568B standards). Work is inclusive of a comprehensive 20 year performance warranty for completed installation which is underwritten by the manufacturer.

The goal of the installation and implementation services is to ensure smooth installation and integration without disrupting the existing network or creating points of vulnerability. Saudi Fanks provides services that install and configure system components, integrate them into the operational network/NOS and validate that the network is working as intended.

We assist in::
  • Hardware and Cable installation
  • Component integration and installation
  • Software deployment and updates
  • Manage and order license updates/warranty parts
  • Full solution project management
  • Detailed planning and design documentation
  • Component procurement
  • Relocation Services
  • Environmental technology disposal
  • Product orientation and training

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