Interactive Display

imgA display that invites and often responds to interaction from shoppers via buttons, touchscreens, functioning product samples or other..

Interactive Wall

Converts any wall surface, LCD or a back projected display into a gesture sensing interactive surface. It engages a person in an unforgettable experience allowing them to immerse into the brand or just plain fun.

Interactive Floor

Easily converts open floor spaces or unnoticed areas into an ongoing experience of movement, action, fun and excitement. People stop in their tracks as they play, walk by or interact with the content projected on the floor by a regular PC and a projector.

Interactive LCD

Convert any LCD/Projection display into an exciting interactive experience using a customer's mobile phone as a remote control. Supports all mobile phone models with no application download required. Available with ready games like Memory Cards, trivia, SMS Graffiti wall and customization options and SDK.

Interactive Table

World's thinnest Multi-Touch all-in-one interactive table. A revolutionary hardware which supports 40 simultaneous touch points and object recognition. Preloaded with ready to use applications for collaborative product presentations or multi-player gaming use.

Interactive Touch

Interactive multi-touch kiosks that can be used in four different positions (Workstation, Coffee Table, Standing Kiosk, Tilted Kiosk mode) to convert your idle space into an exciting self-activated experience. Also available in overlay formats ranging from 32" to 150" diagonal with up to 40 simultaneous touch support.

Customized Content

Have a content idea? IT has an in-house content development team, who create experiences of global standards. Being an end-to-end solutions provider, we work together with partners and their customers to understand their requirements and deliver custom experiences.