Support Installation

Desktops and End User Services

Count on Saudi Fanks for the installation, support and management services you need to deploy an end-to-end desktop and end-user solution that fits your end-user business requirements.

Saudi Fanks will provide services for the following customer needs:
  • Desktop and End-User Advisory Services
  • Proactive System/Desktop Monitoring and Intelligent Patch Management
  • Desktop and End-User Implementation and Migration
  • Desktop and End-user Support
  • Desktop and End-User Management Services
  • Desktop and End-User Application and Collaboration


Saudi Fanks Desktop and End-User Installation Services assists in the deployment and migration of desktop environments including the associated hardware and software. Site assessment, workplace environment design, desktop Operating System distribution and installation, desktop hardware deployment and configuration services; combined with our expert customer oriented engineering staff, form a comprehensive solution that provides optimal value.

Our installation and migration processes allow for you to preserve existing end user data, profiles and access privileges; in conjunction with the following specific tasks:
  • Unpack system and components
  • Conduct quality inspection of hardware and software
  • Set up and connect all associated peripherals
  • Power-up and load Operating System
  • Install and configure network parameters
  • Configure necessary peripherals for user environment
  • Enhanced Operating System configuration
  • Configure domain and user policies
  • Migrate user data / perform user data transfer
  • Disconnect components of old system/ printer
  • Installation of industry-standard hardware components and the appropriate drivers
  • Custom hardware settings, including: CMOS/BIOS settings; jumper settings; port settings; special scripting; hard drive partitioning

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