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Desktops and End User Services

Thin Client - Think Big - Go Thin!

Why go Thin Client?
  • Control Software, applications and files centrally
  • Dramatically reduce maintenance costs
  • Rapid deployment
  • Support your legacy mainframe
  • Effortlessly managed
  • Use fewer support personnel
  • Manage remotely with simple problem diagnosis
  • Reduce Hardware theft
  • Power saving thus reducing costs and carbon footprint
Key Advantages / TCO (total cost of ownership)
  • 80% less maintenance cost
  • 25% capital cost savings
  • 34% less in maintenance
  • 23% less to operate
  • 25% productivity increase
Security / Space / Cost


  • Thin Clients are ultra-secure as they only function when connected to a host, monitor can be used in conjunction with a integrated work centre and then secured to a fixed point to increase security and save space. Thin Clients are relatively inexpensive and can be easily hot swapped, they also tend to be more reliable due to having no moving parts
  • Software and data are stored and run centrally, depriving viruses of their usual access to your system
  • The HP Compaq T5000 Series enjoys a long life cycle
  • All components meet industry standards and there are no moving parts. Not even a ventilator. Which means fewer maintenance events and less down time

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