Wan Optimization

The utilization of modern IT networks is growing exponentially. This growth is leading to slower response times and decreased productivity for users. While it is possible to cater for this by increasing bandwidth or hardware capability, this is not always the best option.

Many networks are mission critical, but their size is making them expensive to manage and support, leaving them open to greater internal and external threats and abuse. To add to this mix, the use of both VPN and VoIP is growing. All these factors are contributing to inconsistent application performance and reduced user productivity.

Our services:

Saudi Fanks partners with Cisco & Solarwinds to provide a best-of-breed network traffic management and monitoring solution that allows an organization to ensure that network operation is matched to its business needs.

By planning and controlling the bandwidth available to each application, our Wide Area Network (WAN) Optimization solution will guarantee maximum throughput for time-sensitive business applications while ensuring bandwidth is available for other important, non-business applications. Wan Optimization provides increased staff productivity, better management of network infrastructure and a reduction in the costs of managing the network.

This solution is delivered by an integrated hardware appliance that can monitor, manage and boost the performance of important applications over the WAN and the Internet.

WAN Optimization provides the tools to:
  • Increase the performance and security of networks
  • Monitor network activity in real-time
  • Track network usage
  • Eliminate unwanted traffic
The Benefits of WAN Optimization and Network Traffic Management:
  • Reduce costs by decreasing the size and complexity of link
  • Increase staff productivity by allocating more bandwidth to critical users or applications
  • Postpone expensive or unnecessary upgrades
  • Enable business applications across IP networks

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